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Ryan showed us this video at Photography Workshop and I just had to share it with all of you. It is a masterpiece and it expresses really good how I feel about photography and pictures. Nake sure you check this one out.

As photographer I take a lot of photographs but I do believe that every photo that is taken by a photographer or anybody else is unique and special. It tells a story on its own. I could never say something like I really hate this photo - because photos capture (and photographers) what is infront of the camera - they capture that exact moment - maybe your skin is not perfect, maybe you are not smiling, maybe you have chocolate all over your face (happens to me often :)), ... but that is you in that moment. Many people think that all photos have to be with smiling faces and all perfect. The reality is that it is the other way around. I have few friends that are beautiful and I always have the same conversation with them. They all want to look perfect - smiling, skiny, all stylish, ... on absolutely every photo and if possible every time that they are around people - the second one is more shoking for me. Nothing wrong with wanting to be the best you can all the time but a lot of my favorite photos (of those beutiful people) are those where they don't really know I took a photo. It is hard to get that kind of a photo with them because they are always on guard. Just imagine a beautiful bride who hires a photographer and focus on every photo - can she really enjoy the Wedding? I think people today have to relax a little and just go with the flow. Let photographer catch that surprize face, your special look on that day, look down, look up, be a kid, eat infront of camera, ... and see photography as a gift to capture ALL PARTS of who you are - who you really are.

Imagine yourself 10, 20 or 30 years from now and you open a photo album and all photos inside look the same - same smile, same pose, maybe even the same color of clothes, ... you get the point. When I open my photo albums I see everything possible there - naked little me - little embarrassing at times but we all have or should have those photos, crying in Santas hands, eating chocolate, playing sports, many many photos with my family members, photos taken during my sleep, my I love only orange days ... - and that is what makes it interesting.

I see so many people that came into the photo studio with amazing kids - who just are what they are. I usually just love their photos because kids are having fun when they can play and be who they are - how ever they feel in that moment they gonna let you know and it is going to be seen on the photographs. But parents, that is another story, they start going on with no not that smile - you have to smile like this, do you remember that girl in magazine that how you should pose, push your belly in, .. and kids stop enjoying the photo-shoot and photographs at the end can reflect that. I am not saying nothing bad, and I do know we all want the best possible photos but I think people should relax a litte.

There is another thing that I don't really understand. Even the best photographers can not - I repeat can not - change who you are and how you look. The same goes for kids. There can be editing done after a photo-shoot and retouching but you can not make an apple out of an orange. And why would you want to be an apple? Be the best orange you can be and just realize that you are beautiful and your memories are unique and only yours. Love yourself and your photos. When people don't except who they are and I know for a fact that every photographer had a client like that before, they never going to appreciate photos to that maximum lewel. Sometimes I am looking at photos - from other photographers and I am amazed about the photos they created but the person on the photo just doesn't seem to realize how amazing those photos are. It is YOU on the photo! It is a moment of your life on photo paper! It is unique, special and that moment will never return. When you go to take your photos next time just try to see it as capturing memories. Don't compare yourself with others, you are you and you are beautiful and so are your photos. And just maybe you can have some FUN.

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