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There comes a covergirl, every once in a while, who you just know is going to go very, very far! We felt that way about Lisa Marie Schneider from the moment we clapped eyes on her, so we couldn’t help but have her back on these pages a happy few times since. We’re prouder than ever (but hardly surprised, look at her!) to see how Ms Schneider’s setting stage and screen alight these days in Hollywood. When we discovered she was in town recently, we leapt at the opportunity to bring you more of the sultry, smoking, sexiness that is Lisa Marie. We think our excitement paid off…

Lisa Marie, welcome back to FHM! What are you up to at the moment?
It’s an honour to be back! Since I’m largely based in LA as an actress these days, today’s shoot is all about Fifties Hollywood glamour and sophistication.

Our dedicated readers will know that this is not the first time you’ve graced the pages of this magazine…
No, it’s been a while now! I think the last shoot we did was a naked shoot on a bed, with this guy holding my boobs up. My father, who is very old-school, never forgave me for that. I had to hide the cover from him!

So, what’s changed in your world?
Well, I’ve been travelling a lot. I finished my acting degree here and in New York and LA, all while working. I’ve been moving away from modelling and into acting, I’ve even done some Burlesque... just getting into the more theatrical side of things. Overall, living life to the full, with a bit of a self-discovery too!

What’s been your most recent acting job?
I shot a film with Darryl Roodt, a cricket movie… a family film, actually. I was nominated for my role in the film Lullaby with Melissa Leo, an Oscar-winning actress, at an LA film festival last year. I played a six-month-pregnant, drugaddicted prostitute… my favourite kind of role. No, I’m kidding, I prefer more challenging roles. The thing is, people put me in a box as this sexual woman and I would like to challenge that.

Tell us about the whole Hollywood vibe…
I enjoy the anonymity that comes with living there. Everybody is chasing something, there’s a side of Hollywood that has a lot of sadness, a lot of seediness. But there is beauty in the darkness.

So do you ever feel drawn to that darkness?
Yoga keeps me very grounded, but I have been exposed to it, it’s hard not to be, it is the nature of the industry. You have to be level-headed to not fall into it. It’s tough. Everyone is putting up masks wherever you go, superficial people. It’s all about staying true, concentrating on your craft.

Have you ever been in a situation where you were like, “Uh, I wish I wasn’t here”?
All the time. I’ve been offered things from producers, whose names I can’t disclose, very famous people. I would never sell myself for that. Because at the end of the day, karma is a bitch. It might take me longer to get where I want to go, but I know I’ll be doing in a more authentic way.

What’s the Lisa Marie Schneider worldtake-over plan?
Global domination, hey? I don’t want that at all. What I wish for is to be part of more conscious films, that have an impact on people’s lives. The first step is to really be in the moment with what I am doing. One can never plan in this industry, you don’t know where you’re going to be tomorrow. I do have an amazing manager, so I’ve been going for some great auditions and living in the moment. I’m never like, “Oh, I want to be in LA” when I’m here, or the other way around.

So who would you want to do a film with?
Definitely Quentin Tarantino! And Ridley Scott. I am a huge fan of science fiction. It’s such a shame about Tony Scott, I would’ve loved to make a movie with him. You know, I was thinking about Tarantino a lot. I live in Laurel Canyon when I’m in LA and I was trying to figure out how I was going to meet him. And the next thing, I pulled up to Ventura Boulevard, turned my face, and there he was, in the hottest black car I have ever seen!

Did you speak to him?
No! I was in shock! He turned and smiled at me and then just drove off.

So what does it take for a guy to catch your eye?
It’s all in the mind. Men fall in love with what they see, women fall in love with what they hear.

What do you like to hear?
Well, a woman likes to “hear” someone who is confident, but not arrogant. Intelligence is obviously a huge turn-on. A guy can be absolutely dropdead and then he opens his mouth... For
me, it’s more about mental connection and energy. Age doesn’t really factor in. George Clooney is hot and he lives close to me in LA.

Have you ever popped over for tea?
I did. I just rang his bell. He wasn’t home.

Have you ever been stalked in LA?
The thing is, when I have my shades on, lots of people think I look like someone famous. So they turn around and go, “Is that…? Is that…?” and I go, “Yeah.” In LA there are so many famous people everywhere that nobody cares.

What do you think it takes to make it in Hollywood?
Hard work! People think that you go to Hollywood, spend a year there, and then you just land a role. It doesn’t work like that. An overnight success is always ten years in the making. All those people you see on screen, they have grafted for years before they get anywhere.

You were talking a lot about yoga earlier, and said something about doing a naked yoga video…
Ha! I’ve been studying yoga for 15 years now and I think it is the one thing that has kept me sane in this industry! With allthe frustrations, the highs and the lows, doing films and then not working for a while, you need something, either another creative outlet, or a physical outlet. So I’ve been doing tons of yoga and I’m feeling sexier than ever. I’m in this coffee table book that is coming out soon, called In The Tub, shot by TJ Scott. It’s a breast cancer awareness book. A whole bunch of beautiful images of women, well, in his bath tub. So if I could do something like that, create some awareness for a charity, that would be first prize. I wouldn’t get naked just for the sake of getting naked. There has to be a purpose behind everything for me.

Do you have any tattoos?
Yes, I have two that I got within 24 hours of each other! I’ve had one lasered a couple of times now. The other one I got with my boyfriend who is actually my ex-fiancé… the lead guy from Prison Break, the older brother, not the gay one.

What are the immediate plans for you, Lisa Marie?
I shot a project recently, but I can’t give you the details, sadly. Big things! I’m launching a jewellery line called Rainbow Warrior. It’s inspired by yoga and my love for gemstones. I’m also getting involved with the Save The Rhino foundation. I’m rearing to go, as I was out of action for five months last year... a black widow spider bit me on the head, and I almost died! I was in hospital and then a sangoma told me it’s a huge honour that I got bitten, because it is very much a spiritual thing, apparently.

Have you felt the blessing?
Ha, ha! No…. That was the worst pain I have ever felt in my life.

Well, stay safe now, and don’t forget about us, okay?
ever! See you soon.

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