Anushka Sharma Sweet Surrender in MAXIM

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She’ll drive you crazy.

In the best way possible.


looks, the body, the talent.

But beneath all the glitz is a

regular girl who’s too busy

being herself to bother about

what you think of her. And

what takes her sexiness to

the next level is her ability

to not take things seriously.

In MAXIM, she says she’s at her eff ervescent uninhibited best. And with her second appearance, she’s only become hotter, funnier and more herself. We’re in love.

Welcome back, Anushka. You’re looking hotter than ever. Any serious confl icting emotions?
No, I feel very happy and absolutely fantastic. The last time I shot with MAXIM, it was a great experience for me. This time too, I really enjoyed myself. So thank you, MAXIM!

Us? We should be the ones thanking you for these smoking pictures. This shoot is sure to take a few people by surprise, right?
I know people loved the last shoot. I know this one will do even better. I hope all the MAXIM readers like what they see!

We’re sure they will. You have undergone a transformation of sorts. Conscious image change or going with the fl ow?
Well, the “image” is only because of the role and not because of what I am as a person. I have always looked how my characters have demanded I look. It is all about having a certain comfort level and projecting whatever you do with confi dence. There has been no conscious eff ort to change an “image.” Honestly, I’ll be happy with no image at all as I strongly feel that setting an image is easy but breaking one is very tough.

That’s true, and we know that better than anyone else. How hard is keeping it real? Isn’t it tough with all the fame?
If you accept yourself the way you are, people around you will do the same. I strongly believe that. And I don’t give too much importance to being a star... simply because I’m very comfortable being the person I am. Exterior infl uences don’t aff ect my existence to a great extent. While I appreciate all the love that comes my way, I do
not let it get to my head.

Films are full of hot women and hotter rivalries. What makes you stand apart?
You want me to be honest? I don’t know. I’d rather hear it from you guys about why I stand apart, if at all I do. I’ve no clue!

Oh, we could go on and on, and you defi nitely know that men fi nd you hot. But do you know why?
I really don’t know how to answer that! I don’t understand men, so I don’t know why they fi nd me sexy!

We know, we know. Let’s go on a date and talk about it?
Just keep it as unplanned as possible. I like unpredictability and spontaneity. If I have a certain chemistry with the guy, then being impulsive can be so much fun. It could be anything from going on a late-night bike ride to lazing on the beach... as long as it is not carefully planned. I would be so uncomfortable at a candlelight dinner!

That’s our kinda girl. Would you ask a guy out if you like him?
No, never! I’m rather traditional in that sense. The guy has to make the fi rst move. And I’m attracted to someone if I know he’s attracted to me. I’ll never fi nd a guy attractive just like that.

That’s a bummer! But then, we will take some time before we begin to understand women. Got any seriously-easy pointers?
Men just need to understand this: You need to truly love a woman. All she wants is love, respect and attention. Nothing else matters! It is not about how much money you make, how much you spend on your girl or how dashing you look. It is all about love and true emotions. And remember, just like you guys, even women like their space. You don’t have to get insecure if she’s out with her friends. Just the way you want to enjoy a cricket match with your buddies, she’d like to chill with her friends!

That’s some really good stuff . We’ll keep all that in mind, especially the bit about giving a girl her space. And, promise, we can do that! But, for discussion, which of these is most likely to come true and why: Anushka marrying a rich industrialist, Anushka quitting movies for a diff erent profession or Anushka joining politics?
The second option. I could move to a new place, city or country tomorrow and feel like quitting acting and learning something new and diff erent. I am quite a hippie at heart, actually!

We kind of fi gured that. But it would be a huge loss! BTW, what would your ideal guy be like? We’re wondering if we stand a chance.
He has to be attractive enough for me. He needs to smell really good because I am very sensitive to smell. He needs to love me more than I love him. He needs to be patient with my eccentricities because I can get a bit crazy at times and I am honest enough to admit it. And, lastly, he needs to be very secure and supportive of me. I cannot stand insecure men! Do you guys have these qualities?

Wait, we’re still making the list. We’ll get back to you. In the meantime, you must get a ton of compliments all the time. Any that struck home?
A guy once told me, “You make me feel comfortable with myself when I am around you.” I think that is the most beautiful thing anyone has ever said to me. And don’t ask me who said that because I am not telling you!

We won’t, but we are stealing that line. If you could get away with it, what’s the one thing you’d do?
I keep doing a lot of things and always get away with it. That’s because I believe in absolute freedom and no restrictions for anyone. As long as I am not doing anything that harms anyone, I don’t care about what people think. I have no value for the judgements people pass.

Neither do we, and we put it out loud and clear on our cover last month when we blacked out our cover for women’s safety and freedom. What would be your message to the men reading this?
I’d just say this: As men, learn to respect a woman. It is okay to fi nd a woman hot and desirable but you need to understand that there is a space around every woman that is sacred and something you cannot intrude into without her consent. And within the boundaries of that respect, you can appreciate her beauty and sensuality in the right way, and she would not mind that. But you cannot disrespect or undermine a woman’s dignity.

We hope that message rings loud and clear. We’re going to do our bit, of course. How do we say goodbye?
We don’t, because I hope to see you guys really soon!

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