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Written By Aris Setiawan on Friday, November 16, 2012 | 8:15 PM

Sebastian in Vacaville magazine

I am still on a break from photography except for special requests but I am creating a lot of memories for our little boy and will be sharing some of his photos on blog in future too but for today I wanted to share his announcement in Vacaville magazine. 
Today we went for a cake with my husband Gustavo and little Sebastian to our favorite cake shop in downtown Vacaville - Pure Grain. We saw a new issue of Vacaville magazine there on the stand next to the door. We put an announcement for Sebastian in it so I went to grab it even before my cake :). So here we are sharing a photo of Sebastian's announcement in Vacaville magazine :). If you live here in Vacaville he is on page 80. We are even planning to send a copy or two to Slovenia to my family and yes short message for our little boy included few slovenian words too. 

 we took a photo with photo at the cake shop

Sebastian is doing a lot of modeling these days so we will be sharing some photos on the blog in the future. He is growing up and we are trying to share as much time as possible together and cherish precious moments. You can also visit his facebook page here to see him in action :)

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