Personal: another Baby Shower

Written By Aris Setiawan on Saturday, September 15, 2012 | 2:14 AM

First let me tell you that we feel really bless to have so many great people in our lives. We had another Baby Shower for Sebastian yesterday (September 14th, 2012) and it was really SPECIAL! Special thank you goes to Megan and Angie for organizing such an amazing Bee party. Big thank you to all amazing ladies that helped (well all of you). The buffet table was amazing so thank you chefs: Diana Christensen, Erika Dye, Keri Beauchamp, Kim Bosler, Lei Putney. We are so thankful to each of our church friends that was able to share this special moment with us. It means a lot to us. I feel like I am a part of mommy group now :). Had some great time and good conversations, not to mention ama ama food and fun games. We got many beautiful gifts and all we can say is thank you for your generosity. And for those who were unable to attend, here are few photos for our memories that I am sharing with you.

Of course mommy needed to create some memories

It was amazing :) 

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