Do Taiwanese people hate Korean people?

Written By Aris Setiawan on Wednesday, March 14, 2012 | 11:23 AM

I see a lot of videos about how the Japanese hate Koreans, and I also see a lot of videos about how the Taiwanese love the Japanese.
First of all, why is there so much hate towards Korea? Second, I'm going to Taiwan this summer and I'm wondering if I'm gonna get crucified because I'm a Korean.

I hate all this racism, it's rather annoying. People need to grow up.

Half the answers given previously are from people loving Kpop culture (boy bands, kdrama)- which makes it an extremely biased and shallow viewpoint. It's like having a foreigner give an opinion on Americans based on the hollywood films he/she have seen. Liking a certain Korean boy band or drama has nothing to do with the overall attitude of a society towards another. In addition, Koreans are also racist in their attitudes towards other races

To answer the question though, no you will not get crucified (hmmm maybe waterboarding?). Anyways, your reception will depend mostly on how you present yourself. I can think of two main ways:

1. American of Korean ethnicity- ppl will see you mainly as an American (which is usually a good thing here). Not much else to say.
2. Korean who lives in the US- then ppl might see you more as a Korean, and this is when sterotypes begin to play in depending on who your interacting with. There are a few groups:

2a. Korean culture consumers - The teens and middle aged women (like in Japan) who follow kpop. This group used to be larger a few years back when the K-wave was at it's height (Winter Sonata, Jewel in the Palace) but it's ebbed off some. They'll like you if you appear very Korean to them.
2b. Baseball/economic competition - The Taiwan baseball community views Korea as a competitor. There's also the business aspect of competition - such as how Samsung is trying to sink Taiwan's (and that of Japan's, Germany's) DRAM industries through unfair competition. Lots to be said- but that is for another discussion,
2c. "Chinese Heritage" - Some immigrants from China 60 years or so ago still identify more as being Chinese than Taiwanese. So they take insult whenever Korea seems to appropriate some aspect of Chinese culture- such as historical figures, inventions, and ancient what-not.
2d. Bad Culture - People who have the perception that Koreans are too competitive in sports (or anything) and are thus bad winners (doing several victory laps in your face) or bad losers. They may also dislike how Koreans have too much national-ethnic pride making it feel like they(Koreans) are looking down on others.

However in general Taiwanese people are far more easy-going than other East Asians due to it's history of colonialization and waves of immigration. So I would say that most Taiwanese people are more tolerant on an individual level and would be willing to treat you fairly regardless of his/her overall perceptions on Koreans. Besides, there isn't any real hate between Taiwan and Korea, just a sort of animosity between two nations who are frequently competing against each other.

PS: If your comming as a missionary then you might not get the chance as like all other places people hate being preached to. Well, if you are at least make sure to dress casually- no white shirt, black tie, black pants, dress shoes, or bike helmet. You'll get the joke when you come over here.


me. duh. And I did answer the question.

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