Who am I? (personal)

Written By Aris Setiawan on Saturday, June 11, 2011 | 12:20 AM

Who am I?

I met some great people here on my blog in the past year or so. From photographers, bloggers, writers, ... and more and more people are asking me questions about who I am as Brigita. So I decided to write few words about that today.

Where to start. I am a slovenian girl that lives in California. I was born in Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia, and I lived there most of my life. I have one younger sister Bernarda and close relationship with all my family (tennis player dad, sweetest mom, amazing grandparent and others). I love Slovenia - a small but beautiful country. Most of my family and friends live in Slovenia and I miss them all so much. But my husband Gustavo is from California and that is how I call California my home now. I never imagined that in my wildest dreams. I like it here a lot but I do miss My People (that is how I call my family + my friends), warm ocean water, clay tennis courts and european chocolate a lot.

I am a shy girl by nature but once I get to know people really good I forget about my shyness. I love sharing everything I know (was told many times I should be a teacher) but it is really hard for me to share a piece of chocolate with anybody - I am a Chocoholic. I have a degree in business finances and love reading financial books. I am a big kid in my head and heart. And to be honest sometimes I feel better in a company of kids then adults. Don't get me wrong but kids just know how to live and have fun.

As you know I love photography and photo camera is my partner in crime most of my time. I love capturing the moment and making it last forever. As much as I love photography there is a close second love I have and that is tennis. I love tennis. I used to play for my university and went to many tennis tournaments all around the world with my Mom. My first and best tennis teacher is my Dad and I love playing tennis with him but playing with my husband Gustavo is something I enjoy doing a lot too. Playing tennis with my husband means a lot to me not only because we are both crazy about tennis but because we met because of tennis.

My first language is slovene so that is why my english might sound funny at times. I love spanish - si senor me gusta espanol mucho and my opinion is foreign languages rule. Go and learn some foreign languages- in Slovenia we start learning foreign languages in primary school and it is something I really like. Well we kinda have to since I am not sure how many people around the world actually speak slovene.

My family and friends are and always will be the most important in my life. I joined a church of Latter- day Saints in 2010 and I really appreciate all the great people I met so far and all the peace and knowledge I received in such a short time. I love spending time with my husband, family and friends. I enjoy photography in all ways and enjoy learning more about it each day. Another thing about me is I love traveling - I always seem to get to know myself a little more during every trip I take. My favorite city is Valencia in Spain.

My dreams for near future are to create family with my husband Gustavo, to continue doing what I love -Photography- and learn as much as I can about photography, to go to Slovenia and spend quality time with my family and friends, to help create memories for as many people as I can, to grow as a person, .....

So I hope you got to know me a little better. I want to also thank you for visiting my blog and hope to see you soon again,


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