I have a GIVEAWAY scheduled for August on my Photography Inspiration blog

Written By Aris Setiawan on Thursday, June 30, 2011 | 9:59 PM

Just wanted to share here with you too about my upcoming Giveaway!

I participated in many Giveaways lately as a vendor/sponsor and as fan trying to win cool stuff. Now I decided to host a giveaway myself. It is coming soon but for now I am trying to find vendors/sponsors that are interested in being a part of my giveaway. To make it more fair I decided that each of the vendors/sponsor that will join me for this giveaway will get an advertise space on my Photography Inspiration blog during this giveaway. They will also get a blog post written by them and publish there if they want to. In this blog post they can tell us a about who they are, their products, blogs, ...

This upcoming giveaway (doesn't have a name yet) will be happening on my new blog Photography Inspiration as well as on my facebook page

Vendors/sponsors join me for my Giveaway - send email to: with photo of your product or service that you are entering as part of the giveaway, your facebook page, blog, ... I would really appreciate your participation.

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